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Dealing with uncertainty during this COVID-19 crisis can be taxing. Not only that it gives us anxiety attacks but it also dampens our self-esteem. If there is one thing that the COVID-19 crisis might’ve locked away, it is our confidence. 

Yet confidence can be found in certain places and things you don’t expect. And, Lily of the Valley believes that we deserve the kind of confidence that gives us freedom, comfort, and security every single day. 

Lily of the Valley is an undergarment brand that empowers women all over the country to choose the way they live their life. Designed with the women’s needs in mind, each Lily of the Valley piece is tailored to support every woman’s wellness goal. 

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From their women essentials that are stylish and comfortable to its lockdown necessities, Lily of the Valley has got it all for every Filipina out there. See below their top collections!


Created to support mothers in every step of their motherhood journey, the Life Lillies collection is complete with moisture regulating loungewear, functional nursing bras, and post-natal wear.


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Say goodbye to unwanted leaks and irritation with Relief Lilies! We just love Relief Lilies’ signature period panties as it will make your monthly period a more comfortable experience. 


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And for the sporty ones, its Freedom Lilies will be there for you. Whether its yoga, Zumba, or other low-intensity activities, you’ll get proper support from Lily of the Valley’s light support sports and recreation bras. 


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In order to respond to our need for safety and security against COVID-19, Lily of the Valley Cover Lilies PPEs will give you all the layers of protection you need.

Confidence is all about feeling comfortable and happy with ourselves regardless of what others see or think. And with Lily of the Valley helping us to cope with the uncertainties we are facing, we will find that even the things that seem impossible are truly within reach. 

For those interested, you can shop these lovely items by logging in to their website at They ship nationwide (4-6 business days) and internationally (5-7 business days). 


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