TV Shows with the Best Dressed Characters

TV shows are a form of escapism when we need a good laugh or cry. But more than being a source of entertainment, they shape our worldview and reflect the fashion trends of the era. The following series are noteworthy for their fashion-forward characters, and we could learn a thing or two from them.

Sex and the City (1998-2004)

Whether or not you liked Sex and the City, there’s no denying their impact on fashion trends then and now. Everything from the dresses to the shoes and the bags was desirable. Who could forget those classic Manolo Blahnik heels? Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte were style icons that strutted through the highs and lows of their lives in New York.

The following series are noteworthy for their fashion-forward characters, and we could learn a thing or two from them.
Photo: HBO

Ugly Betty (2006-2010)

Before we had Emily in Paris, we had Ugly Betty. Betty Suarez might not be up to par with the media’s beauty standards, but she did have her vogue moments and was unapologetically herself. Not to mention, she worked at MODE, a fashion magazine, where she mingled with models, stylish co-workers, and the infamous Wilhelmina Slater.

Photo: ABC

Gossip Girl (2007-2012)

Although the Gossip Girl reboot is more up to date with the current trends, lest we forget where it all started. Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen paved the way for the next generation of Constance Billard elite to dress with flair, and their influence has obviously carried over. Eric Danman made sure of that as he worked on the costume designs for both series.

Photo: CW

Suits (2011-2019)

Jessica Pearson, Donna Paulsen, and Harvey Specter always got their A-game on when it comes to their cases, as well as their fashion choices. Costume designer Jolie Andreatta makes sure to dress them appropriately for their respective roles, with outfits that exude respect and power. Tailored suits, wrap dresses, and peplum tops make a great first impression.

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Dynasty (2017-Present)

The reboot of the 80s show following the fictitious lives of the one percent includes a more diverse cast and social progress. But that doesn’t mean it falls short of luxury, opulence, scandal, or drama. Everyone is dressed to the nines no matter the occasion because you never know what unexpected errand could come up. Fallon Carrington turns heads wherever she steps foot.

Elizabeth Gillies
Photo: CW

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