UNIQLO T-Shirt For Your Every Mood

A shirt for every version of you, every day of the week.

UNIQLO recently dropped new pieces for the summer! Now that things are starting to get back to normal, you may want to update your wardrobe. After all, you wouldn’t want to show up at school or work in clothes that don’t suit you anymore, right?

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After years of staying at home in sweats, it’s normal to feel uneasy about dressing up again. But don’t fret because UNIQLO’s Core T collection was thoughtfully designed. Each piece in it was made with superior materials. Thanks to the Japanese retail giant, those who want to enter the new normal in style have plenty of comfortable, stylish options.

Exchange your pandemic pambahay outfits with any of our suggestions.

For Monday’s Meetings

UNIQLOs AIRism Jersey Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Mondays can be hard, but you can get the week off to a great start with UNIQLO’s AIRism Jersey Short Sleeve Polo Shirt (P990)! Made with AIRism and soft jersey materials for easier movement, this top will help you move around freely, and it has no visible stitching!

For Tuesday’s Moderate Workout 

UNIQLOs Supima Cotton Crew Neck T Shirt

The UNIQLO’s Supima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt (P590) boasts a compact and flattering fit. You can pair its elegant texture and supple feel with Ultra Stretch Active Shorts (P990) for a great workout.

For Wednesday’s Dinner with Colleagues

UNIQLOs Indigo Dry Crew Neck Short Sleeve T Shirt

Get over hump day with this Indigo Dry Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt (P990). Its loose-fitting cut will bring you comfort all day long. It’s made with pre-washed indigo-dyed fleece fabric, which goes well with the elegant and clean look of Ultra Light Pants (Wool Like), priced at P1,990.

For Thursday’s Casual or Important Appointments


UNIQLO’s AIRism Cotton Oversized Crew Neck T-Shirt (P790) can go from casual to dressy in a snap. You can pair it with a Comfort Jacket (P2,990), made from an elegant jersey material if you have an important appointment that calls for a more formal look.

For Friday’s Errands

UNIQLOs U Crew Neck T Shirt

Run errands in style with the U Crew Neck T-Shirt (P590)! This shirt is made with sturdy cotton material. It’s a durable T-shirt that features a trendy silhouette, which adds a layer of sophistication to any outfit. For added comfort, pair it with the AIRism Soft Biker Shorts (P990), which have quick-drying and cool-touch functionality.

For Saturday’s Road Trip with Friends

UNIQLOs Ribbed Cropped Short Sleeve T Shirt

Listen up, weekend warriors. UNIQLO’s Ribbed Cropped Short Sleeve T-Shirt (P590) has a ribbed fabric, which means it won’t get in the way of your fun. Wear it when you’re on a road trip with your friends.

For Lazy Sundays at Home

UNIQLOs Oversized Half Sleeve T Shirt

Recharge your batteries in UNIQLO’s Oversized Half Sleeve T-Shirt (P 790), made with 100% cotton fabric. Complete your weekend look with the comfortable and stylish Satin Drape Straight Pants (P 790).

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