Upcycling is the Future of Fashion

Being in isolation has not been easy and some of us have turned to stress-eating to cope during these uncertain times. Indonesian fashion influencer Putri Samboda, on the other hand, got creative with food packaging in quarantine. She upcycles items like packets of Indomie, White Rabbit candy wrapper, McDonald’s paper bags, and rice sacks into statement pieces.

Self-Taught Designer

For someone who didn’t study fashion, Samboda executes her items beautifully. Most people would just go on their phones when they’re bored but instead, she found a way to turn her trash into treasure. The idea struck her after having to DIY her own mask from old clothing since there was a shortage at that time. This was around when COVID-19 was still novel, and everyone started quarantining.


Indomie Represent

Living in the United States and being far away from her hometown of Yogyakarta, she found comfort in her favorite instant noodles — Indomie. It’s a popular brand of fried instant noodles in Indonesia and she loves it so much that even has a customized license plate. With lots of empty packets and time on hand, she started the creation of her upcycled Indomie ensemble that caught the attention of Instagram.


Not for Sale

The first entry on her quarantine diary was a pair of recycled Fendi kitten heels that were given more flair by the White Rabbit candy wrappers. A few months down the line and she also made a matching Indomie bucket hat and face mask, as well as one of those little Jacquemus-inspired bags. Other items she has upcycled include McDonald’s paper bags, rice and flour sacks, and an empty bag of chips.


We’re convinced Putri Samboda can make anything look good. Her talent to turn otherwise discarded items into a wearable work of art is nothing short of impressive. Follow her on Instagram to see how far she could take her skills.

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