Watch: Geneva Cruz, Donna Cruz, Sunshine Cruz cover You’re in Love by Wilson Phillips

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Before TOTGA was a thing, “You’re in Love” was the song that perfectly captured the bittersweet feeling of setting your lover free, to be truly happy with someone else. “You’re in Love” was the anthem of early 90’s puppy love. It was the perfect backdrop to the efforts put into telebabad, using a pager and the payphone to talk to your crush. It’s the song you would request from the late night radio DJ so you can cry yourself to sleep.

As time passed, this song, by Wilson Phillips, became a staple in karaoke, a fissure in time to “those simpler days.” For those who don’t know, Wilson Phillips is not a person, but a 3-girl group composed of Carnie and Wendy Wilson, and Chynna Phillips. So it’s rather apt that this amazing rendition is done by the cousins Geneva, Donna and Sunshine – who are also 90’s Pinoy icons!

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