Play With Sizes And Dimensions With These IKEA Storage Items

Declutter, organize, and live easy with these IKEA storage items

The day-to-day hustles of an average Filipino is no joke; which goes to say that in pursuit of the more important things, there are lifestyle aspects that the majority of the populace tend to neglect.

This cannot be truer now that many, if not all, suffer from untidy and tight living spaces due to the time scarcity that grinding has brought forth. 


The lack of time to clean up or organize stuff at the very least, especially in urban residential spaces such as condominiums has proven to be a challenge. And just when it is thought that mess runs eternal, global furnishing brand IKEA arrives with various items in hand. 

For those who struggle with untidy living spaces, these storage items might just be your new savior. 

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MALM series

IKEA storage items

Guilty some may be of the clutter in their sleeping area, such is not really avoidable when sleep overpowers the body. However, decluttering tight spaces would not be as difficult with the help of this idea-loaded furniture.

It can be used as a bed frame with under-the-bed storage, chest of drawers, and a bedside table too—just enough space to place all the laying shirts in and just enough size to mount it wherever without compromising the fit of other furniture. 

TROFAST toy storage 

IKEA storage items

For those who follow a specific house motif, loud-colored children’s toys are truly a pain in the eyes. Building blocks, stuffed toys, and alphabet cards—to name a few–just really ruin the overall look of a tidy space.

But with TROFAST boxes, one can organize accordingly without consuming too much time—thanks to their depths and stackable capability– made more convenient by a wooden rack. 

SKADIS pegboards 

IKEA storage items

If one is looking for a hanging fixture to hold everything together, then a SKADIS pegboard is one of the most ideal storage items to get your hands on.

Its multiple holes allow for a socket-like structure capable of hanging the tiny things that get misplaced most of the time. The versatility also makes it fit anywhere—be it in the kitchen, hallway, or bathroom that are usually spatially limited. 

SKUBB organizers 

IKEA storage items

Hurrying to do something always leaves the wardrobe and drawers jam-packed. There’s just no time to put the stuff neatly in an attempt to keep the look of a space more visually appealing.

SKUBB organizers just eradicate this tendency as it provides compartmentalized spaces for shoes, clothes, and accessories that commonly jam a drawer. 

IKEA reimagines home spaces 

For people with little to no time, IKEA is a perfect solution to play with limited spaces. With its online planning service, one will have the power to organize and utilize spatial dimensions and sizes without too much of an effort. Get help for free at without leaving the confines of home. 

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