Local IG stores that sell beautifully handcrafted goodies

People respond to stress and anxiety in different ways. During this pandemic, a lot of us are stuck at home so one popular way of coping is through online retail therapy. From big e-commerce sites like Lazada and Shopee to smaller Instagram shops that sell all kinds of goodies, we just can’t help but order online. 

The pandemic also birthed some passion projects, and handcrafted goodies are some examples of this show of local talent. Looking to support our local craftspeople? Check out these Instagram shops that sell beautiful crafts! 


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If you’re looking for a unique spin on your everyday tote bag, ThatThreadShow hand-embroiders and hand-dyes them – resulting in funky bags that’ll bring a pop of color to your errand days. 

The Studio Puff

For beadwork accessories, Studio Puff offers cute and colorful options. Some of their goodies are reminiscent of the candy accessories from our childhood, and you can even have them customized to your liking. 

Zen Garden 

For resin art that preserves flowers, Zen Garden offers a unique and customizable collection. While their resin accessories are divine, you can get beautiful pieces for your home like coasters, sculptures, and even a music box.

Looped In Manila

From scrunchies to headbands, Looped In Manila offers these hair accessories in candy and pastel shades. Like most handcrafts store in this list, they also offer customized pieces. Simply message them if you want a funky hat specifically made for you! 

Garbáge Co.

Garbáge Co. is another store that sells tote bags but this time, they’re hand-painted with acrylic. Another thing that makes their designs special is that they’re rooted in pop culture references.


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