Frenzy Condom is Candy and Other Childhood Misconceptions

One of the memories I go back to whenever I’m faced with something difficult in life is the so-called good ol’ days of my childhood. It wasn’t without problems but compared to adult life, it was technically a walk in the park. From my childhood innocence to a lack of any heavy responsibility, reminiscing my past is a nice time out.

To go back to that childhood innocence, let’s take a trip down memory lane to some of my misconceptions about life. Who knew I was so wrong about the following?

The world used to be colorless


Because of old family photos that were either black and white or sepia toned, I used to think the world used to be colorless. I had no idea about the progression of technology so I simply assumed the world became colorful when I came into being. This is also a childhood misconception – thinking that the world revolves around me.

Clouds are fluffy


Clouds, especially the cumulus kind, are so white and puffy that I thought they would feel soft to the touch. Depictions of cherubs usually have them lounging on clouds as if they’re sitting on a pile of pillows so it definitely came as a surprise when I found out that they’re actually water vapor. Instead of a cloud catching me if I fall on it, I’ll simply pass through it and plunge to the ground.

“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” means I can’t say “oh my god”

Misreading the bible isn’t that unusual. People in positions of power do it to push their agendas, and my child self did it and thought that the seventh commandment meant I can’t say “oh my god”. Turns out, it actually means that people shouldn’t use God to justify their malicious deeds. Some politicians should take note.

Frenzy condom is candy

frenzy 1

I once pointed at a packet of Frenzy condoms and asked my mom to buy it for me. It was only years later that I understood why the lady behind the cashier laughed. In my defense, the design and packaging of this specific condom brand was misleading, and the commercials on tv also made it look enticing. The condoms were flavored orange and mint so of course I would mistake them for candy.

20-somethings have their shit together

This is probably one of my worst misconceptions. For some reason, I thought that people who were in their twenties had their shit together. Perhaps some of them do (#sanaall, as the kids say these days), but I believe that most of us are a little lost – especially if you’re just starting out with the whole adulting thing. Even if you’re years into it, it’s still not a guarantee that you’ll have everything figured out. So many variables to consider – family, relationships, career, money. Here’s to hoping for the best.

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