It Takes Two: Angelina Cruz And Timmy Albert On Their Duet “roses & sunflowers (together)”

Angelina helped Timmy breathe new life into one of his biggest hits.

During a quick sit-down, Angelina Cruz and Timmy Albert talked about their duet. They told FreebieMNL all about “roses & sunflowers (together).”

Here’s the official music video of the song, in case you haven’t heard it yet.

“It’s about a relationship. About courting, giving flowers, all that, from a guy’s point of view,” Albert said. He and Cruz took time out of their schedules for a virtual interview. After the government lifted most COVID-19 restrictions, Albert resumed gigging. He also became more active on Instagram. Cruz, for her part, says schoolwork keeps her busy (when she’s not doing the showbiz thing, of course).

On the original version of the Angelina-Timmy duet, Albert flew solo. He wrote it about all the things men do when they court women. It became a huge hit for him. His solo version of “roses and sunflowers” earned more than 6.3 million streams on Spotify. When the time came for him to do a duet with Cruz, he had to adjust parts of the song so it would fit both of them.

If the original was from a male point of view, the new version also gives listeners insight into the female mind. “It tells both sides of the story,” Albert says. “It’s about the way the girl and the guy feel. The second verse is from the guy’s point of view. It’s like he’s making harana.”

Albert says working with Cruz wasn’t difficult. “I found it, like, super easy. We already had a structure. We knew what the label wanted and what we wanted for the song. It was easy for us to turn the song into a duet. I was in charge of things like the second voicing and how the verses would change.”

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Cruz was comfortable with Albert taking the lead. They agreed on everything. She laughed when asked if they had creative differences while working on the duet. “None at all,” she says. “I trusted him. It’s his song, after all.”

Angelina Cruz and Timmy Albert duet

The only problem they encountered had to do with time.

“What was hard was that we only had one day to do everything,” Albert reveals. “We met up on Zoom beforehand to plan everything out, but the recording itself, one day lang. We also met each other in person for the very first time at the studio.”

Albert recorded his part on a different day. So when he says they only had one day to record, that time was for Cruz’s part. Albert could’ve left her to her own devices, but like the gentleman that he is, he went into the studio to help Cruz out.

“I went into the studio to guide her,” Albert says. “I also wanted to be sure that the crew would do things in such a way that when I edit and produce it, I’ll know what I have. Any pressure we felt was because of the fact that we knew we had time constraints. But the process itself wasn’t hard when we got there.”

“roses and sunflowers (together)” is a hit. The song and video are enjoying significant streams on Spotify and YouTube.

Albert and Cruz have already proven they can make sweet music together. An entire album or concert of duets would be wonderful!

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