Are Miles Ocampo, Elijah Canlas Back Together Again?

Miles and Elijah are cuddled up in a new photo

Ex-lovers Miles Ocampo and Elijah Canlas seem to be on their steady path back to love—as shown in a photo of them cuddled up with each other. 

Days after Miles revealed their shared efforts in rekindling their lost romance, the ex-couple have yet again shared a glint of hope—this time through an Instagram story uploaded by director Petersen Vargas. 

Miles and Elijah’s closeness is very evident in the said photo wherein Elijah can be seen hugging Miles from behind. They were accompanied by Petersen together with two artists from RISE, Bong Gonzales and Stanley Bawalan. 

Miles Ocampo and Elijah Canlas with friends
Stanley Bawalan, Petersen Vargas,
Bong Gonzales, Miles Ocampo, Elijah Canlas
Screengrab from awarewolves on Instagram

The photo follows Miles’s revelation via TV5’s Frontline Pilipinas on March 18, 2024 wherein she confirmed working with Elijah on taking their lost romance back. 

Miles says very shortly, “Let’s see. We’re working on it.” 

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In the past, Miles has been consistently pointing to such a possibility. Her interview with broadcast journalist Karen Davila also reaffirms her intention of reconciling with Elijah should the “universe” allow it. 

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Just as much, Miles’s statement came parallel with Elijah’s intentions—as revealed in an interview with ABS-CBN’s MJ Felipe on March 12. 

When asked if he’s in search of new romance this 2024, Elijah has this to say: “Looking for love? What if love pa? 

“There’s always love within us, right? There’s always love within us…and I have so much love to give, you know. 

“Honestly, I have so much love to give. So much love inside of me and I’m willing to give it to anyone who’s willing to accept.” 

Miles Ocampo and Elijah Canlas
Miles Ocampo, Elijah Canlas
IMAGE: elijahcanlas on Instagram

Miles and Elijah’s relationship lasted for more than two years. They publicized their relationship in 2022, but Elijah says that they had been seeing each other since 2021. 

As disclosed by Elijah via ABS-CBN in November 2023, their separation was motivated by a “rough patch” brought about by their own personal undertaking. 

When asked whether or not they are still cordial, Elijah says, “Yeah, we’re okay. We’re not mad at each other or anything like that. 

He adds, “I’m always going to have love for her and I’m always going to support her in whatever she does.” 

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