Check Out the Newest Survival Game Valheim P.S. It’s Got Vikings!

In early February, the newest survival game hit Steam Early Access, exciting gamers worldwide. The game, named Valheim, is an open-world survival game wherein players have a chance to roam the world of Vikings while building villages and ships, crafting tools, and fighting a variety of enemies.

Check Out the Newest Survival Game Valheim P.S. It’s Got Vikings!
Photo from Iron Gate

Developed and released by a five-person Swedish team at Iron Gate Studio, Valheim became a huge win for the team in the span of just a few days. In fact, three weeks after its release, the video game was able to reach a whopping four million in sales.

The figures are impressive; previous hit games like PUBG and Minecraft weren’t able to achieve that volume of sales in such a short amount of time, making Valheim a special new entry to the PC gaming community.

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Priced at a fair $20 (or around P1,000), the Viking survival game stood as the second-most played game on all of Steam last month, and has already been played for a total of 10,000 years.

Critics across the board praised Valheim’s artwork, music, and “endless exciting stories”. Players are especially taken by the simplicity of its premise and mechanics.

Photo from Iron Gate

Like all other survival games, there’s a need for hunting, scavenging, building, and fighting. Valheim, however, slows down the pace and adds Nordic gods and sprawling maps into the mix.  It’s easy to learn and doesn’t take too long to achieve results.

Beginners get a good grip of the game in no time and ships and forts become easily buildable with just a couple plays.

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Furthermore, Valheim differentiates itself from other traditional games that cap at four players. Its co-op mode allows up to ten players at a time, giving gamers the chance to enjoy the vast biomes with a group of friends.

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Photo from Iron Gate

For now, Valheim remains a PC-only game as the small team continues to implement updates and developments to meet demands. Though, that doesn’t mean they’re completely crossing out the idea in the future, according to the game’s FAQ.

While we can’t expect to see the game through console anytime soon, we can continue to anticipate all the new features set to come out. With the overwhelming response it has received in the past almost-two months, who knows what else is in store for this viral hit?

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