Dennis Padilla Gets Emotional Over Daughter Julia Barretto’s Birthday Greeting

Dennis on Julia’s message: “Naluha ako dun”

Dennis Padilla reveals that his daughter Julia Barretto’s greeting for his 62nd birthday made him tear up. 

The actor—who celebrated his birthday on February 9, 2024—shared the details of their reconciliation during a press conference for his upcoming indie film “When Magic Hurts” on Saturday, February 24, 2024. 

Naluha ako dun,” Dennis shares as he emphasizes that the gesture “was sweet” and very moving. 

As he puts it, he says, “Para bang tagos sa puso yung mararamdaman. That’s why I am so happy. I hope makapag-dinner or lunch kami soon.”

Dennis Padilla
Dennis Padilla
Screengrab from @annacerezo_ on Twitter

More than Julia, Dennis also looks forward to reconnecting with other children Claudia and Leon—who he wasn’t able to be with for quite some time. 

He shares, “Hindi lang si Julia. Gusto ko rin siyempre makita si Claudia, saka si Leon kasi almost two years ko na silang hindi nakikita. More. I think more.” 

Julia, Claudia, and Leon Barretto are Dennis’s children with Marjorie Barretto. Following the ex-couple’s separation in 2007, Dennis has sort of developed a strained relationship with his kids. 

As revealed in an interview with Karen Davila in 2022, Julia admits that her connection with her father wasn’t exactly smooth—but if any, both parties have also been in constant reconciliation time and time again. 

“I feel like over the years it’s been a cycle of making up and then getting hurt, and then making up and then getting hurt. And you know, I kind of want to just huminga lang muna from that cycle,” she shares.

However, all doors aren’t close for Julia and she still looked forward to a time when she and her father can finally meet in the middle.

”I think it’s not difficult for us to forgive. It’s also just, there’s a lot of fear because I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But forgiveness, of course, that’s for my own peace of mind but I’m just not that ready,” she shares in the interview. 

Dennis Padilla hopes to work with Julia Barretto

Aside from his reaction over his daughter’s message, Dennis is also looking forward to sharing a project with her daughter. 

Given that it has been a long time since they both bannered a show together, Dennis felt more compelled to do a new one now that all’s been fixed between them. 

Dennis recalls, “Hopefully, itong mga darating na panahon, baka magkasama kami sa pelikula dahil the last time na magkasama kami was ABS pa, ‘Palos,’ the one with Cesar Montano. 

Ako yung sidekick, saka si Redford White. Bata pa si Julia noon.”

Julia Barretto
Julia Barretto
IMAGE: juliabarretto on Instagram

Julia is set to celebrate her birthday on March 10—a thing that her father bears on his mind, as he says, “27 na siya.” 

Julia’s beau Gerald Anderson was also brought up to the interview, as Dennis recalls that it has been a bit longer now since he last saw the actor. 

He says, “Si Gerald, kailan ko ba huling nakita si Gerald? Ah, baka mga 10 years ago ko pa huling nakita si Gerald. Baka hindi lang.” 

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