How One Fan Went All-Out For KDLex, The Alexa Ilacad And KD Estrada Love Team

A die-hard fan tells her story.

The Kawayan Festival is a big deal. The people of Abra celebrate it every March 9 to honor the abundant bamboo trees in their area. It’s a special occasion that highlights products made of bamboo. But this year, the festival was extra special for one KDLex fan.

Alexa and KD performed at this year’s edition of the Kawayan Festival. It was their first in-person, out-of-town show since the pandemic hit. KDLex fan Aedrielle Villamor says she freaked upon learning they were coming.

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“As a fangirl who lives eight hours away from Manila, I didn’t expect them to hold their first live show in my hometown. I’ve been a fan of Alexa’s for over eight years. It felt surreal na makikita ko siya, with KD pa! I cried and jumped around a lot when I found out. Akala ng nanay ko nahulog na ako sa hagdan. I was so happy.”

Aedrielle loves Alexa and KD because she thinks they’re real and relatable. “I love that they’re using their platforms to raise awareness for things that matter. Like mental health, for example. I can also see the authenticity of their relationship. They make a very good team.”

The whole nine yards

In the days leading up to the show, Aedrielle coordinated with fans from different parts of the globe. She needed their help to pull off what she had in mind. She prepared a lot of things for her idols, like gifts and tarpaulins.

“I went ahead with my plan only after securing the sponsors’ approval. I was very hands-on in all the preparations because I wanted this event to be one for the books. After all, unang event ito nila Alexa at KD outside Metro Manila, at may live audience pa.”


Aedrielle spared no expense. Luckily, her parents didn’t mind that she went the whole nine yards and then some. They even pitched in to help her.

“My Mama helped me think of what to buy for Alexa and KD. She even wrapped the tray of goodies after I bought them. My Papa bought the bagnet and longganisa. They even accompanied me to KDLex’s hotel so I could deliver the gifts. My parents support my fangirling because they know it keeps me from drowning in sadness.”

Cloud nine

As Aedrielle tells it, her efforts paid off. She tells FreebieMNL that she was on cloud nine for days after the event.

“Words will never be enough to describe everything I felt. For me, one of the highlights of the event was when they were thanking everyone who came to see them. Alexa thanked me in front of the crowd! Ultimate goal yun ng isang fangirl. Also, meeting them right after they arrived was a dream come true. Not everyone gets to experience that, and I’m so happy I did.”

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Some say you should never meet your idols in person because they may disappoint you. But when Aedrielle met Alexa and KD, she was far from disappointed.

“They were very accommodating and nice. I never felt na nasayang yung effort ko. I felt their appreciation because they thanked me non-stop. Besides, there’s no such thing as ‘sayang’ as long as I can make them feel how much I love them. They deserve it because they help me and so many others get through our daily lives.”

Dear KDLex

Although it’s been months since the festival, Aedrielle still has so much love for Alexa and KD.

“I’m so proud of the man he’s becoming,” she says of KD. “His growth amazes me. I love seeing him with Alexa, and I’m glad that she has had a positive impact on his life in general. They’re stronger together.”

As for Alexa, Aedrielle is thankful that the person she supported for eight years is finally in a good place. “I saw her get heartbroken, and I’m happy that she found a man who takes good care of her.”

When asked what she wants to tell KDLex, she says, “Please continue making music. Your songs help me stay positive. I miss you both so much and I hope to see you again soon. I love you and wish you the best of everything!”

Featured Image Daniella Sison


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