“Gotham Knights” First Trailer Gives Us a Glimpse Of a World Without Batman

Will this be another L series from CW?

CW recently released the first trailer for the “Gotham Knights” series, introducing fans to the city’s next protectors. It has the same title as the game available to purchase on steam.

The premise behind “Gotham Knights” centers on the mysterious death of Batman as his adoptive son, Turner Hayes, gets framed for his murder. Yet, the “Gotham Knights” show will also see children of Batman’s enemies get accused. Turner says at one point that they think he killed Batman to get Bruce’s fortune. Duela is a suspect since she is Joker’s daughter although, at one point, Harvey Dent questions Duela whether she is Joker’s offspring.

Chad Fiveash, Natalie Abrams, and James Stoteraux will write the script for the CW show. Different directors are assigned to helm episodes throughout the season, among them are Jeffrey G. Hunt, Danny Cannon, and America Young.

In the “Gotham Knights” trailer, Turner brings the other kids together to solve Batman’s murder. This, however, becomes a challenge for them to become the new heroes of Gotham City when they are also the most wanted fugitives. Many masked assassins go after them throughout the clips.

Fans are still figuring out if the villains are DC characters or original creations by the writers. The “Gotham Knights” trailer ends with the teen heroes, who despite not having suits, are already getting out on the streets.

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