Heart Evangelista Reveals Chiz Escudero’s Advice On Investments

Heart Evangelista admits regarding investments: “I’ve made mistakes in the past. Bayaan niyo na yon!”

Heart Evangelista says that her journey in terms of investments is not easy.

Laughing, she admits, “Of course, I’ve made mistakes in the past. Bayaan niyo na yon!”

But now, she has come to terms with the things that are worth buying. She explains, “Every time, even if it’s just a shirt or shoes or bags, I wouldn’t just buy because it’s a trend, I wouldn’t just buy because it’s pretty or it’s cute… I think about it what if I—in Jesus’ name—kapag kailangan ko ng money, mabebenta ko ba siya double the price? I always think if it’s gonna be more expensive, mag-up yung value niya.”

Evangelista says it’s the same with acquiring properties. “It’s not just for your use or for your future kids. Will it generate income when you need it?”

Evangelista talked about investments during the launch of RLC Residences’ new property in Cebu, Mantawi Residences, at the media Q&A held on April 14 at Mott 32 Restaurant, FILI Hotel, Cebu.

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Chiz Escudero’s advice on investments

During the Q&A, Heart Evangelista was also asked about her advice on young people who are looking into investing in their first home or property.

She first says, “Don’t be afraid…” then cuts herself, asking herself, “Shocks, tama ba ito kasi kakasabi lang sa akin ni Chiz ito, e,” revealing that it was actually her husband, Chiz Escudero, who mentioned this advice to her.

Evangelista then continues, “Don’t be afraid to—parang if you’re pressuring yourself, it starts with what you want to do in life, di ba? How are you gonna earn this much money if you don’t know what to do in life? All come at the right time and you’ll eventually learn with wisdom and experience, what’s your next step?”

Evangelista also says that those who are looking into investments may ask the right people for advice, such as people from reputable real estate companies such as RLC Residences.

She explains, “When it also comes to investing, don’t be afraid asking people, like, asking advice like people from RLC. Kumbaga, huwag kayo masisindak, you’re not stupid, you deserve to have knowledge and educate yourself, and it’s never impossible to have big dreams. Everything is possible right now, you just have to ask and you’ll know the steps. Because yun yung una, e, that’s the first dream.”

Evangelista believes that everyone can find ways to earn as long as it’s also at the right timing. “I want a place of my own but how, ito lang yung income ko? There are many ways to be able to afford something that has value. So, huwag kayo magmamadali in short. Hindi pwedeng pwede na. When you want something, you have to definitely invest. If it’s something a little bit over the budget, there are ways to be able to gain because in the end, 10 years from now, it will all be worth it.”

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Heart Evangelista on working with RLC Residences

As for working with RLC Residences, Evangelista has formed a beautiful relationship with the bosses of the company to the point that they have become a huge help to her in terms of investments.

She shares, “First, I usually work with good friends. They’ve always been there for me, guided me, just such good friends and I love how they think about investments. So, for people like us who really work hard, we have to make sure na mapunta sa magandang bagay yung paghihirapan natin.”

She also happily shares her creativity with them for many collaborations.

“I’ve collaborated with them on many things, like, for example, one of my first places with them would be Sapphire and we collaborate with interior, and also, like, my interior designer has worked with them for so many projects. So, that’s how we got the aesthetics which is my forte. Other than that, it would be just advising me where it would be great for me to invest my money. So, I try to, as much as possible, makahabol. Sinusunod ko yung mga sinasabi nila sa akin. So, in the end, it really works out so I’m very very grateful.”

Her last collaboration with RLC Residences was a scented candle she made for one of its properties. For Mantawi Residences, how does she intend to contribute to the creative process?

“I would love to help them with arts. They’ve always been also very supportive of my artwork so that’s something that I won’t mind doing. Pero kailangan ko ng time kasi baka malaking malaki yun.

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