Top EDM Artist Jace Roque Goes In A Completely Different Direction On New Single

He’s back with a new look and new material.

So far, 2022 has been a year of firsts for Top EDM Artist Jace Roque. Not only is Jace releasing his first Tagalog single, but he’s also entering the P-Pop arena with “‘Di Para Sayo.”

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“It’s my first full Tagalog single. We can also call it my first foray into P-Pop. It’s still true to my sound, but I recorded it to contribute to the ever-growing P-Pop scene,” he explains.

Jace is a big believer in the phrase “music heals,” because he penned the song to get over a bad breakup. He channeled all his pain into his songwriting.

That’s how he came up with “‘Di Para Sayo,” which he hopes will cement his place in the industry. A relative of OPM legends Gino Padilla and Luke Mejares, music is in Jace’s blood. So it’s not surprising that he produces and writes his own material.

“The song is about my journey to realizing my worth. Recently, I fell in love with someone. I poured everything I had into that relationship. Eventually, I realized that the person I gave my heart and soul to wasn’t worth it,” Jace says.

Despite that realization, he struggled to cut ties with that person. As if that wasn’t enough, Jace also had his hands full trying to keep his career alive during the pandemic. Things got too much for him to deal with on his own. He broke down and asked for help.

“I wasn’t able to process my pain because I was trying to work,” he recalls. “Last year, my whole world finally came crashing down. That forced me to deal with it sooner rather than later.”

Jace Roque has big plans

Jace went on hiatus in 2021 to focus on his well-being. Aside from introspection, medication and regular sessions with a trauma specialist helped. His family and friends also helped him bounce back. Jace planned to make his comeback in March. But due to unforeseen circumstances, he decided to reschedule the release of “‘Di Para Sayo.”

The extra time proved to be beneficial because it gave Jace the chance to overhaul his look. His edgy visuals fit the bold new direction he’s going when it comes to music.

“Artists have to reinvent themselves to grow. Changing my look with every new release is normal for me. I’ve been away from the limelight for more than a year, so the changes I made for this new era may come off as drastic. But they’re not. This is where I’ve always been headed, towards a more edgy and mature persona.”

Jace has big plans for 2022. He’s happy that his supporters are excited about his comeback, and he’s truly grateful for their support. “My goal now is to take my power back. I’m going full steam ahead with my career, and I’m not doing it for other people. I’m doing it for myself.”

“All I can say is, thank you for staying. You won’t regret it,” he promises.

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