John Cena Sets Guinness World Record For Most Wishes Granted at Make-A-Wish Foundation

We still can’t see him, though.

John Cena, a wrestler, actor, and constant target of memes, received another significant achievement. He recently granted 650 wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, breaking the world record.

Children with life-threatening conditions can receive wishes from Make-A-Wish that transform their lives. They want to fulfill as many of these kids’ requests as possible. This is due to their belief that a wish is essential to a child’s healing journey.

The foundation released a statement following Cena’s new world record. They revealed that the athlete-turned-actor has a long-lived relationship with the foundation. MAW also said that he has been granting wishes for two decades now.

John Cena began his professional wrestling career in 1999. Throughout the years, he became one of the most successful wrestlers in history. His Charisma and heroic image helped shape the way kids and adults see him throughout the years. He’s such a lovable person!

John is one of the most requested celebrities by the foundation’s children. He even gave the foundation’s 1000th wish to one of his fans in 2012.

Cena always brings his championship belts whenever he meets the kids. He always stays character to make the most of his wisher’s time. At the end of each meeting, they get their picture taken. It always feels like the most wholesome moment each visit.

We hope more celebrities take time off their busy schedules to follow in Cena’s footsteps. He’s been a genuinely good person throughout the years, and that’s why many people love the guy!

Featured Image Dani Sison

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