Lee Min Ho Surprises Many With Latest Look In Recent Public Appearance

Many social media accounts have expressed their love and support for Lee Min Ho

South Korean actor Lee Min Ho has brought in quite a buzz across the internet, as many people pointed out a change in his physique during his recent public appearance at Merz Aesthetic Expo on Saturday, August 5, in Thailand. 

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho
IMAGE: @Nekie_neka on Instagram

While the 36-year-old actor arrives dashingly in a white suit, netizens could not help but notice a shift in his physical appearance, having his face fuller than usual. This unexpected transformation made it loudly into the net, drawing out divided reactions from netizens.

In a report by AllKPop, one netizen has started an online forum titled “Lee Min Ho Today.” While there were people who took the time to appreciate Lee Min Ho, there were others who directly called the actor for gaining weight. 

A user writes, “It’s my first time seeing Lee Min Ho gain weight. He always takes extreme care of himself.” Meanwhile, another user comments, “Woah, he looks like my company’s CEO.” 

Others resorted to X (formerly Twitter) to express their two cents. 

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With many South Korean entertainment portals reporting about his weight gain, supporters and fans alike flocked to social media to express their support for the actor. 

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Lee Min Ho’s image is constantly policed by many 

According to one news outlet, Lee Min Ho has been trolled many times over the years due to fluctuating body image. He was even policed by many who speculated that he might have had surgical operations in the past to enhance his physical attributes. 

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho
IMAGE actorleeminho on Instagram

Lee Min Ho had his acting debut in the EBS series, “Secret Campus” (2006) and succeedingly had his breakthrough role as a headline character for the 2009 hit series “Boys Over Flowers. ” 

More so, he also starred in some of the beloved Korean dramas such as “City Hunter” in 2011,  “The Heirs” in 2013, “The King: Eternal Monarch” in 2020. His recent project is titled “Pachinko.”

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