Liza Soberano Stars In 15-Episode YouTube Travel Series

Liza Soberano explores Korean culture in “Liza In Korea”

Liza Soberano is set to take viewers on an extraordinary journey into the heart of Korean culture in her multifaceted YouTube series, “Liza In Korea,” produced by JJ Global Group in Korea.

The YouTube series premiered on September 13, 2023, and subsequent episodes will air every Wednesday thereafter. The 15-episode series promises to offer viewers a unique 10-minute immersive experience into the captivating facets of Korean culture from Liza‘s perspective.

In “Liza In Korea,” Liza explores the vibrant tapestry of Korea, showcasing not only her passion for storytelling but also her commitment to entrepreneurship. In addition to her role as a versatile actress, Liza also shines a spotlight on several businesses in Korea, underscoring her dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and inspiring Filipinos to pursue their dreams.

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The pilot episode unfolded with Liza collaborating with a top Korean content creator, providing a unique glimpse into the vibrant Korean media landscape. The second episode, which aired on September 20, took viewers on an exploration of the renowned amusement park, Lotteworld, as Liza experiences the excitement and wonder it has to offer.

In the third episode, Liza steps onto the dance floor to master iconic K-pop choreography, guided by a renowned choreographer, offering a captivating insight into the dynamic world of Korean entertainment.

“Liza In Korea” is a multi-faceted series that promises an exciting blend of cultural discovery, creativity, and personal growth. As Liza pursues her dreams while embracing the rich tapestry of Korean culture, the series serves as an inspiration to viewers, encouraging them to explore new horizons and consider entrepreneurship as a viable path.

The series highlights a number of Korean businesses and brands, one of which is Lacimer, a brand to watch out for in the coming months.

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