Liza Soberano Gets Real On Her Transition To Hollywood

Liza explains that she did not want to compare Hollywood to Philippine showbiz

Liza Soberano acknowledged her challenges while navigating her Hollywood career.

She shared some of the struggles she faced in an interview on the “Fun with Dumb” podcast.

Looking back at her decision to leave her established career in the Philippines, Liza admits that trying Hollywood is not a walk in the park.

She says, “It was really nerve-wracking because I’m coming from a 12-year-long career in the Philippines.

“There’s this certain privilege that I had, the comfort that I had back home, but I decided to leave all that in search of personal growth and professional growth.”

Liza also acknowledged how she received backlash after her huge decision to transition into a Hollywood career, as well as the comments she made about her experience.

She explains, “When I came out here, I started to make big moves, meeting a lot of amazing people like Zelda, and then I came out with this movie.

“There was a lot of backlash that I received from people back home in the Philippines. It kind of stemmed from me just talking more and more about my experiences from the industry in the Philippines and kind of comparing America to the Philippines; I meant Hollywood to Filipino entertainment.”

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Liza then clarifies that she just wants to share the differences between the two entertainment industries without implying that Hollywood is better.

She expounds, “For me, at first, I was explaining to them I can’t really compare it ’cause they are so different but so the same at the same time.

“If I take all the small details and explain them to people, nobody is really going to understand. They’re just going to think I’m saying Hollywood is better, whatever, but it’s really not that.”

Liza also admits that it was a challenge for her to adapt to the changes in culture when she chose to spend her time in the States for her Hollywood career.

“I had a hard time navigating that. I thought initially maybe I don’t belong here, maybe I don’t fit in ’cause just I felt I’m always awkward amongst people, but then I realized I felt like that in the Philippines too.

“I guess it’s just that this weird thing of being like a halfie where you just truly feel like you don’t belong anywhere. I feel like I belong amongst other halfies.”

Liza recently made her global acting debut in the Hollywood film “Lisa Frankenstein,” co-starring Cole Sprouse, Kathryn Newton, Carla Gugino, among others.

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