Netflix’s ‘Love, Death & Robots’ returns for an even edgier second season

On Monday, Netflix released the trailer for the second season of their Emmy-award-winning series, Love, Death & Robots, which apparently premieres on the streaming service next month. 

Much like the science fiction anthology series’ maiden season, the trailer for the upcoming second season features a collage of stories covering a plethora of topics that are futuristic bordering to dystopian (if not already there).

Much of what made the first season looks to be present in this trailer: the science-soaked angles, the other-worldly creatures, advanced cities, gratuitous gore, and the little pockets of reality-meets-fantasy moments where the poignant point about life is told. Oh, and a robot that picks up dog poop.

What is still unknown is how many episodes the upcoming season will comprise, and if Netflix will also mess with the flow of the series. With the first season, the streaming giant switched the sequence of the episode in four different ways to test which ones would appeal the most. They did slip into hot waters for it after audiences noticed that the episode they were shown seemed to have profiled them for their race and sexual orientation. But, whatever.

Love, Death & Robots Volume 2 lands on the streaming service on May 14, 2021.

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