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Stray Kids Postpone US Concert Dates After Three Members Get COVID

The members have recovered, but new dates have yet to be set for the postponed concerts.

JYP Entertainment and Live Nation revealed some sad news last July 2. They announced that three Stray Kids members tested positive for COVID-19.

Although Felix, I.N., and Lee Know did not exhibit symptoms, they still had to undergo quarantine. The other five members and their tour staff tested negative.

As a result, Stray Kids had to postpone two stops of their ongoing world tour titled, MANIAC. The Atlanta concert was on deck for July 3, while the Fort Worth concert was on July 6. JYP and Live Nation have not yet announced dates for the two postponed shows.

Updates on Stray Kids’ health

Stray Kids kicked off their world tour last April in Seoul. They’re currently on the US leg of the tour, which will end in Japan by the end of July.

Felix, I.N., and Lee Know have since kicked the virus and are out of quarantine. The group has picked up where they left off. They did back-to-back shows in Los Angeles. Stray Kids also performed in Oakland and Seattle.

Postponements may become a common occurrence

Much of the world has already loosened travel and quarantine restrictions. But it’s worth remembering that the pandemic is still ongoing.

Several western and K-Pop artists are on tour right now. It means a lot of traveling and exposure, not only for the artists but also for the fans. While the virus is somewhat under control, many places are reporting an uptick in cases.

JYP and Live Nation tried their best to ensure the health of their artists. All Stray Kids members have received the vaccine and booster shots. But they still fell prey to the virus.

Expect cancellations and postponements to become a common occurrence due to the increased exposure. The fans’ excitement is understandable given how long everyone waited for live shows. But here’s hoping that everyone remains mindful to avoid contracting the virus.

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