Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner Share Cute Exchange Over “Mr. Perfectly Fine”

Taylor Swift has given us a LOT of new content in the past year–we’ve got “Folklore,” “Evermore,” and “Fearless (Taylor’s Version).” We have the “From the Vault” songs as well, which make us feel like we’ve been transported back to 2008.

But just a few days before dropping all the “From the Vault” songs, she first let the world hear her song “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” which fans speculate is about her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas. Joe is now married to actress Sophie Turner and a dad to their newborn daughter, Willa.

Sophie has listened to the song as well, and let us all in on what she thinks of it!

Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner Share Cute Exchange Over "Mr. Perfectly Fine"

Photos: Instagram/sophiet, Instagram/taylorswift

Not not a bop

The 24-year-old actress showed that she’s been listening to Taylor’s new song and said “It’s not NOT a bop.”

Sophie has previously expressed her fondness for Taylor, saying, “She’s a really sweet girl. We met a couple times before… She definitely wasn’t fangirling over me… I fangirl over her!”

Taylor shared Sophie’s Instagram Stories post and said, “Forever bending the knee for the [Queen] of the North,” referencing Sophie’s role as Sansa Stark in the “Game of Thrones” television series.

Taylor has not confirmed who the song is about, but she said that it was made in 2008, which was also the year she released her second album, “Fearless.” Taylor earlier admitted that “Forever and Always,” from the same album was about Joe.

No bad blood

In a tweet, Taylor joked that a “goblin voice” told her to release “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” after “writing songs based in fiction to avoid drama, and feeling pretty grown up” in 2020.

Taylor and Joe have moved on from their teenage romance and can now look back and just laugh at the past. “We laugh about it now, but that was mouthy, yeah, some teenage stuff there,” Taylor said in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2019.

Meanwhile, Joe said, “I’m sure Taylor’s moved on, and it feels nice, and we’re all friends–it’s all good. We were so young.”

Whether or not Taylor’s new-slash-old song is about Joe, it’s great to see them both happy and flourishing in their careers!

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