Nadine Lustre laments on using Filipino resiliency as a ‘quick fix’ to PH problems

Actress Nadine Lustre aired out her frustration on social media over the usage of ‘Filipino resiliency’ as a way to hide the real problems of the country, which faced global pandemic, economic decline, and natural disasters.

She explains that while ‘Filipino resiliency’ is something to be proud of, it should not be used as a ‘quick fix’ or an excuse to face the real problems.

“Our country has been thru so much issues (calamity, pandemic, economy, job losses) and it upsets me so much when people pull out “Filipino Resiliency” as a quick fix,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It’s def something to be proud of, but really, how long are we gonna keep using that to hide the real problem?” she added.

Lustre also sympathized with her fellow Filipinos who are experiencing these problems.

“I feel for our brothers and sisters who are gravely affected by everything that’s happening. Our country deserves so much better than this,” she remarked.

She then called out those who were not directly affected by the calamity and job loss to ‘check your privilege.’

“Now if you’re scrolling on your phone & seeing all the heartbreaking news but really dgaf cuz you’re not so much affected by the all stuff, PLS check your privilege.”

Typhoon Ulysses had badly hit several parts of Luzon. Relief efforts are ongoing to help families and communities that have to start over from recovering.

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