Jason Derulo Gets Into Fight After Being Called Usher

Jason Derulo has reportedly attacked two men at a Las Vegas hotel after one of them referred to the singer as Usher.

In a two-minute video posted acquired by TMZ, the “Savage Love” artist could be seen going up and down an escalator at the Aria Resort and Casino while hecklers shouted at him from afar. On his way down and out of the building, one bystander from the crowd shouted ““Ayo, why did you slap him, dawg?” while another said, “Hey Usher, f—k you, bitch!”

The line triggered Jason Derulo, who barreled through security rope to punch the man while his bodyguards attempted to hold him back. A companion of the man then yelled, “What the f—k, don’t touch my boy!” before Derulo tackled him to the ground.

jason derulo usher fight966
Derulo punching one of two men who shouted profanties at him
Image from TMZ

The two fought on the floor while security struggled to separate them and deescalate the fuss. It is unsure whether the men really mistook the singer for Usher or were referring to him as such to aggravate him.

Another video posted by a social media user showed Derulo being escorted out of the Aria premises in handcuffs. The eyewitness has clarified that the 32-year-old had no part in instigating the fight. According to TMZ, Derulo was removed from the property and issued a no trespassing notice.

jason derulo usher fight967
Derulo being led away from the hotel in handcuffs
Screenshot from @christian_labare8/Instagram

Despite suffering from facial wounds, the two men reportedly did not press charges. Reps for both Derulo and the Aria Resort and Casino have declined to comment on the matter.

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