Kyla Shares Why She Temporarily Took a Break from Social Media

R&B singer-songwriter Kyla opened up about her anxiety and the reason why she recently left the world of social media, even for just a few days.

 “I deleted my IG and FB 3 days ago. I felt like it was adding to my anxiety,” she said.

Social media diet

Kyla admitted that what caused her to take a social media hiatus was seeing things that led her to compare herself to others, which she called “the thief of joy”:

“It’s nice to post pictures of your achievements and stuff like that–and get recognized for it. But I just feel like every time I would open it, someone is passively bragging about an accomplishment, travelling at this time when we can’t travel, getting new projects, etc.”

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Photo: Instagram/kylaalvarez

Two days later, Kyla shared her thoughts about self-love and the effects of the pandemic on people physically, emotionally, and mentally.

She eventually re-activated her social media platforms, citing the reason that she needed it to connect to her family. She also reflected on the pros and cons of social media: “It has its benefits. But on the flip side, it can also trigger some emotions that can cause our confidence to take a sudden nosedive.”

R&B collaboration

Kyla has been working on a video for the song “Undeniable,” her recent collaboration with fellow R&B singer Jay R. You can now listen to the song on major streaming platforms!

Check out this lie detector game played by these two R&B icons in the Philippines:

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