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Maxene Magalona Claps Back At All The Boracay Solo Trip Critics

Eagle-eyed netizens noticed that actress Maxene Magalona and her husband Rob Mananquil are no longer following each other on Instagram. She has also discreetly dropped his name on her Instagram. However, the 35-year-old would rather keep hush-hush about her personal life even though the internet has been pressuring her to spill the tea on her love life.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Maxene Magalona gracefully shared her response to everyone probing into her marital situation. She even disclosed some of the lessons she learned in the past.

“Silence and solitude are some of the best remedies for the soul especially when we are struggling with anxiety and depression. I used to run away from uncomfortable feelings and drown myself in alcohol hoping that they would dissipate on their own. I had to learn the hard way that negative emotions don’t just magically vanish,” she wrote.

“If we do not face and release them, they get buried in our chest and upper back which become stagnant energies that create blockages in our energy pathways. This is why no matter how much we try to change our thoughts, behavior and attitudes, our energy will keep us falling back to our old ways because the unhealthy patterns are still within,” she added.

She then shared a very lifting message about leaning on to God during challenging times. “This is where God steps in. By surrendering to the Divine and trusting that God will help you heal your soul, things will start falling into place and you will begin finding your own true, authentic alignment.”

To cap off her long post, she asked netizens to stop asking about her personal life. “Please stop asking me why I am happy and peaceful despite experiencing personal struggles and start praying to God to bless you with the same kind of inner peace that He has been giving me ever since I surrendered myself to His divine plan,” she said. 

Neither Maxene nor Rob have yet to comment if they have indeed parted ways. However, a lot of people are assuming that they have called it quits given the number of cryptic posts Magalona has been posting lately. Broken up or not, the internet has no right to know the real score anyway. While Magalona may be a public figure, it’s still up to her if she wants to share about her personal life or not.

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