The Reason Why Toni and Alex Gonzaga Don’t Share a Youtube Channel

Toni Gonzaga has filled several roles in the media industry, from acting to hosting and performing on stage. She has even gotten into entrepreneurship and becoming a mother along the way. After years of being in the showbiz industry, the 37-year-old admits to having found a passion project that feeds her soul.

A New Platform

During the pandemic, Toni Gonzaga revived her own YouTube channel where she hosts the series titled ‘Toni Talks’. Viewers are familiar with seeing her on talk shows and this new platform is a refreshing break from the Toni we see on mainstream media. She is more in her element here, doing in-depth interviews with people from all walks of life.

On Starting a YouTube Channel

It’s no surprise that the person who prompted her to start a YouTube channel was her younger sister, Alex Gonzaga. The initial plan was to create a joint account but Toni wasn’t sold on the idea because it didn’t seem like the right platform for her. But her videos have gained monumental traction, always leaving viewers something to ponder on at the end of the talks.

Why They Have Separate Channels

In an exclusive interview with The Philippine Star, Toni admits that one of the reasons why she didn’t want to have a joint account with Alex was their dissimilar personalities. Her sister was more upbeat and open, whereas she’s more private. “We always clashed back during our teenage years because I wanted her to be like me — a little discreet, ganyan — and then I realized we’re born with different personalities and we have to respect that.”

Toni’s worries about her content being boring is in contrary to the fact that it’s well-received by netizens. Viewers are always left with something to think about at the end of the talks, as intended by the series. The channel now has over 3 million subscribers as of writing.

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