“Squid Game: The Challenge” Players Claim They Suffered Hypothermia, Nerve Damage During The Game Show’s Filming

“Squid Game: The Challenge” premiered its first five Netflix episodes on November 22

Two contestants on Netflix’s “Squid Game: The Challenge” are pursuing compensation for injuries allegedly sustained during the reality show, based on a report by Deadline.

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In the series, contestants agreed to partake in a series of games to win a life-altering sum of money. But, they soon discover that many players face elimination during each challenge.

The reality game show “Squid Game: The Challenge” allows participants to attempt some of the challenges from the popular show, minus the life-threatening aspect.

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Yet, two contestants have reportedly hired a British personal injuries law firm to represent them for injuries sustained during the show’s opening sequence.

Express Solicitors said in a statement that it is advocating for two participants who claim to have suffered injuries such as hypothermia and nerve damage.

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The first game, “Red Light, Green Light,” participants must move upon hearing “green light” and stop when “red light” is called by the iconic doll from the original series. Moving at the wrong time leads to elimination.

Netflix confirmed in February that three players out of the 456 contestants required immediate medical attention during the filming of this game, partly due to adverse weather conditions, including freezing temperatures.

Express Solicitors has issued “letters of claim” to Studio Lambert, the co-producer of the Netflix reality show.

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The firm stated, “Contestants thought they were taking part in something fun, and those injured did not expect to suffer as they did. Now they have been left with injuries after spending time being stuck in painful stress positions in cold temperatures.”

Reports say that Netflix has yet to respond to the media’s request for comment, as of this writing.

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