Meet The Star Makers Behind Your Favorite Sparkle Artists

Here are the dedicated teams of Sparkle GMA Artist Center

Stars are not born; they are forged by experience, strengthened by criticisms, and ushered with dedication. This is particularly true for the talents of Sparkle GMA Artist Center—the country’s “top talent management agency”—that consistently produces the brightest stars to date. 

For over 29 years, Sparkle lived up to its reputation of introducing promising names bound for fame and stardom. The likes of Alden Richards, Heart Evangelista, Barbie Forteza, Gabbi Garcia, Julie Anne San Jose, Ruru Madrid, David Licauco, and Jillian Ward are just some attestations to that. 

Now, it’s time to shed the spotlight on the dedicated names and teams behind our favorite Sparkle artists. 

Joy Marcelo 

Sparkle GMA Artist Center's Ms. Joy Marcelo
Ms. Joy Marcelo
IMAGE: Sparkle Artist GMA Center

Dubbed the “ultimate power woman,” Joy spearheads the talent management arm as Vice President. She works under the supervision of an equally stellar woman Atty. Annette Gozon-Valdez, the Senior Vice President of GMA Network. 

Under Joy’s guidance, Sparkle has released and introduced countless names with dynamic talents, including formidable batches of Sparkada and Sparkle Teens, who are all future-ready in the ever-changing new media and digital landscape. 

Maricar Quizon 

Maricar oversees the operations in the Administration and Finance section. The department itself plays a significant role in unifying all other departments, ensuring that the company’s values are carried, cascaded, and practiced by everyone in the institution—including the Sparkle talents. 

Jenny Donato 

Jenny holds the position of Assistant Vice President for Talent Recruitment and Development. Her department is just as pivotal since they filter and determine who would go next in line for stardom. From auditions and screenings to workshops, and training sessions, this department ensures that talents are bound up, forward, and above. 

Had a talent becomes successful in going through the aforementioned stages, they will then be handled by the Talent Managers composed of Tracy Garcia, Vicente Del Rosario, Daryl Zamora, and Jan Navarro. 

These four crucial figures deploy talent handlers that ensure a solid career trajectory of artists until such a time that they finally cemented their reputations as one of the household names in the entertainment industry. 

Anne Puno-Ignacio 

Anne takes the Talent Sales, Branding, and Marketing section under her helm as Vice President of the department. Supported by Renze Banawa—Sparkle’s Senior Sales Manager, she and her team are tasked to manage the brand and image of the talents. 

Their duty lies purely on fostering a public perception of Sparkle artists. Such comes with a responsibility of developing a sustainable image for each artist, securing endorsements, and creating healthy ties between the artists and their colleagues. 

Rochelle Tuazon-Chavez 

Rochelle is the Senior Manager for the PR, Events, and Digital section. Together with her “all-rounder” team, she implements best practices on how to effectively market and manage the publicity of Sparkle talents. 

As a team, the PR Events and Digital section collaborates with internal and external publications to package an artist more efficiently and effectively. More than that, it runs a meticulous management of Sparkle’s fan club, social media channels, and web to maintain close connection with fans. 

Praises go directly to this department for staging GMA-7’s pillar events, such as GMA Gala, Sparkle Spell, Grand Fans Day, Kapuso Walk of Fame, and Signed for Stardom. Those are on top of the media conferences, local and regional fan gatherings, school tours, and mall shows they periodically hold. 

What’s next for Sparkle? 

The people behind the success of Sparkle Artists.
(standing, L-R) Renze Banawa, Jan Navarro, Vicente Del Rosario, Rochelle Tuazon-Chavez, Maricar Quizon, Daryl Zamora, Tracy Garcia Ellen Callera,
(sitting, L-R) Anne Puno-Ignacio, Joy Marcelo, Jenny Donato

Sparkle remains a force to be reckoned with as they also plan to expand through events, local and international partnerships, global initiatives, concerts, and many more. 

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