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Willie Revillame Gives Parenting Advice to Zeinab Harake

What did Kuya Wil tell the beleaguered vlogger?

If you don’t know what happened to influencer Zeinab Harake, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Last October 23, vlogger Wilbert Tolentino broke the internet with a 20-minute vlog about the rumored feud between him and Harake.

Wilbert Tolentino is a businessman who owns many entertainment bars. He began vlogging to get ahead of the competition. His friendship with Harake started when he asked her to help build up his YouTube presence. This resulted in collaborations and even off-camera mentoring by Harake for Tolentino.

The Zeinab Harake-Wilbert Tolentino war

The problem began when Harake and her group ignored and unfollowed Tolentino on social media for unknown reasons. Tolentino tried to reach out to them to resolve the situation, to no avail. Harake claims when they ignored and unfollowed him, all his messages went directly to their message requests.

“Yung post ko po nung October thirteen ay hindi po about sa kanya o sa kanila,” she insisted. “Mamatay man alam ng lahat ng tao sa paligid ko na hindi yon para sa kanila.”

Although the conflict was primarily between her and Tolentino, the latter’s video contained screenshots of Harake’s texts to him. The texts were negative, even if they were about some of her close friends. She even said TV personality Robi Domingo has no market. She commented on several other individuals, but not everyone responded to the issue.

Robi Domingo breaks his silence

Domingo recently took to social media to respond jokingly to Harake’s claims.

A few days later, Domingo made a formal statement saying that he wasn’t offended by what Harake said.

“Nung lumabas yung issue na yun, wala talaga akong ano, wala kong say. I don’t wanna say na wala akong pakialam pero hindi ako na-affect that much kasi alam ko yung story, alam ko context. And totoo naman. Ba’t naman ako magagalit kung totoo?” the artist said. “Naniniwala ako sa content na ginagawa namin na ‘OK, konting vie­wers, konting views.’ But it promotes yung mga pinaniniwalaan ko. Lalung-lalo na education ng kabataang Pinoy and health, and when you spit out facts, doon ako.”

The aftermath

Several individuals negatively commented on Harake’s beliefs days after the issue came to light. This came after she posted a religious message on her social media account. Her bashers weren’t convinced that she was religious. They felt that her posts were just for show. 

While Zeinab didn’t clap back at her haters, RR Enriquez did. “Nakakaloka, parang lahat ng sabihin at gawin ni Zeinab, napapansin. Siyempre, sikat kasi siya. Hot topic talaga siya,” the former host said.

Despite the issue, Harake recently guested on Wowowin. There, Willie Revillame advised Harake about her baby’s relationship with her father, Skusta Clee. “Kuya Wil” also talked about his own experiences.

“Yung anak mo, may tatay yan. Dapat ‘yung anak mo, mahalin ‘yung tatay kasi at the end of the day, anak pa rin niya yan at tatay pa rin siya,” the game show host said. “At the end of the day, dapat ang puso mo, there’s always forgiveness, may pagpapatawad.”

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But based on Zeinab Harake’s recent press conference, she doesn’t need Skusta Clee’s help. The vlogger said that she can do things on her own. “Hindi naman po ako nangangailangan. Yung baby ko po, baby ko lang po yun. Akin lang po yun,” she maintained.

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