5 Easy Korean food recipes for your next K-Drama session

Staying indoors the past few months had me binging K-Dramas left and right. Thanks to the wide variety of shows on Netflix, I was able to catch up on different K-Drama genres. However, no matter the genre I’m watching, there’s always a mouthwatering showcase of Korean food and drinks.

If you find yourself craving the dishes you see on screen like I do, here are some easy recipes for your next K-Drama binge watching session!



Ramyeon is something we see a lot on K-Dramas. Simply put, it’s instant ramen. Just buy from your local grocery store a pack of ramyeon (Shin Ramyun is a famous brand you’ll see almost everywhere here) and cook it as stated in the instructions — which is literally just letting it sit in boiling water. If you want to enhance your ramyeon, the video above teaches you how to cook it in three ways.


Korea’s version of the sushi roll is the kimbap. This dish is easy to prepare and is flexible when it comes to ingredients. Place a dried seaweed sheet on a bamboo mat and then spread the rice mixed with sesame oil and salt. Place on the middle your preferred filling (could be strips of ham, egg, and various kinds of vegetables) and then roll the seaweed. Cut them up into little pieces and you have your kimbap!

Korean Fried Chicken

If you’ve seen popular K-Dramas like Goblin, Crash Landing On You, or Weightlifting Fairy, then you’ve probably craved for Korean fried chicken more than once. To make, season chicken with salt, minced ginger, and pepper and then dip it in potato starch before frying. Coat it in the sweet-spicy sauce which can be made by cooking minced garlic, chili pepper, brown sugar, soy sauce, rice syrup, and vinegar altogether.

Kimchi Rice

Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine so you won’t miss this side dish in K-Dramas. To make it into a meal, simply fry it with rice! Add gojuchang and soy sauce while cooking the kimchi fried rice to make it more flavorful.

Bonus: Somaek (Soju + Beer)

To accompany these dishes, a Korean drink is needed. Simply mix the Korean classic soju with beer. Start by filling 2/3 of a small glass with soju and then transfer it to a taller glass. Finish off by filling 2/3 of the tall glass with beer. If you’re not into the double alcohol combination, mix soju with Yakult instead!

Enjoy watching K-Dramas while you snack on these!


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