FreebieMNL - BTS x McDonald’s Drops Second Merch Collection

BTS x McDonald’s Drops Second Merch Collection

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McDonald’s and BTS have a lot in store for their ARMY’s this year. They announced their collaboration for a BTS Meal earlier this year and dropped a merch collection in May on the Weverse Shop app. As expected, it quickly sold out and now they’re back for a second time featuring the Saucy and Melting collection.

BTS Meal

McDonald’s launched the BTS Meal in select countries in May and will be available nationwide starting June 18. It consists of 10-piece nuggets, Medium Coke, Medium fries, two limited dipping sauces. Of course, it comes in special packaging that fans will surely be preserving. The fast-food chain is already anticipating ARMYs to flock to their stores and assured safety protocols will be strongly enforced.

BTS x McDonald's Drops Second Merch Collection

First BTS x McDonald’s Merchandise

The first BTS x McDonald’s merch collection became available on the Weverse Shop app on May 27. It included clothing items to wear while you enjoy your BTS Meal with matching accessories. Everything from the lux purple robe embroidered with the iconic Golden Arches fries and the K-Pop group’s logo to the silicone pouch was very lovable.

  • bts mcdonalds merch 9
  • bts mcdonalds merch 11 1
  • bts mcdonalds merch 12
  • bts mcdonalds merch 8
  • bts mcdonalds merch 6
  • bts mcdonalds merch 5
  • bts mcdonalds merch 4
  • bts mcdonalds merch 3
  • bts mcdonalds merch 2
  • bts mcdonalds merch 1
  • bts mcdonalds merch 7

New BTS x McDonald’s Merchandise

The newest McDonald’s merchandise features two collections: “Saucy” and “Melting”.

Hand-drawn illustrations by the members themselves are printed on the Saucy t-shirts, which come with a corresponding cushion, tote bag, and other accessories. In this collection, the color combinations used are subtle tones of ivory and purple.

  • bts mcdonalds merch 13 1
  • s3 saucy ss t shirt group default 1280
  • s3 saucy ss t shirt j hope default 1280 1
  • s3 saucy ss t shirt jimin default 1280 1
  • s3 saucy ss t shirt jin default 1280 1
  • s3 saucy ss t shirt jung kook default 1280 1
  • s3 saucy ss t shirt rm default 1280 1
  • s3 saucy ss t shirt suga default 1280 1
  • s3 saucy ss t shirt v default 1280 1

The Melting collection on the other hand is a nod to the hit song, “Butter,” with pop art style graphics and bright colors. Icons of butter softly melting over classic McDonald’s menu items are printed on the merch, including a pajama set, t-shirts, hoodie, sweatshirt, socks, slides, a tote bag, and a bucket hat.

  • bts mcdonalds merch 10
  • bts mcdonalds merch 11
  • bts mcdonalds merch 8 1
  • bts mcdonalds merch 7 1
  • bts mcdonalds merch 1 1
  • bts mcdonalds merch 6 1
  • bts mcdonalds merch 2 1
  • bts mcdonalds merch 3 1
  • bts mcdonalds merch 5 1
  • bts mcdonalds merch 4 1

It’s not the first time the fast-food giant has collaborated with celebrities and this certainly won’t be the last. Shop the latest BTS x McDonald’s merch on the Weverse Shop App before it’s sold out.

All photos used are courtesy of McDonald’s and HYBE Corporation.

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