Make Way For The Bold Additions To Health-Food Chain SaladStop!’s Menu

Eating healthy has never been more fun!

SaladStop! has been serving Asians healthy food since 2009. Here are the newest additions to their menu.

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Bold, new flavors from SaladStop

There are four brand-new Signatures inspired by international cuisines.

(L-R) Samyo Sunrise, Fu-Silly Me!, Habibi, Taco Loco | Image: SaladStop!

1. Fu-Silly Me! was created for pasta lovers. It’s a bowl of creamy fusilli pasta with a side of oven-baked chicken thigh. It has black olives, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions, and sunflower seeds. As for dressing? Ranch. This item is a mixture of flavors for the adventurous eater.

2. Habibi is a Middle-Eastern protein bowl with falafel, quinoa, and romaine. This item has black olives, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber. It also has red onions and red pepper hummus. Finally, SaladStop! topped it off with Spiced Honey Vinaigrette.

3. Samyo Sunrise is an Asian-inspired bowl. It has oven-baked chicken thigh and pan-seared tofu. It’s topped with romaine, red & white cabbage, red onions, capsicum, and fried garlic. Its sauce is a delectable Peanut Vinaigrette that’s an exclusive SaladStop! staple.

4. Taco Loco is for the vegetarians. It features plant-based taco meat that lays on kidney beans and tortilla chips. It also has romaine, red & white cabbage, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes. Smoky Ranch dressing complete the delicious bowl. SaladStop! also put in cheddar cheese, jalapeño, and red onions.

SaladStop crowd favorites

Hail Caesar, Oh Crab Lah!, Man-Go Wild!, Cobb, and Omega 3 Baby! are still on the menu. These salads and wraps remain fan favorites, together with Go Geisha, Jai Ho, and Tuna San.

Seasonal offerings include the Yeobo Yeobo protein bowl and the Howdy! salad and wrap. Good news for those who love these two, because they now are menu mainstays.

Yeobo Yeobo has beef bulgogi, quinoa, romaine, and edamame. It’s accompanied by sweet corn, carrots, soft-boiled eggs, and baked mushrooms. The protein bowl has Korean Chili Vinaigrette which gives it a distinct flavor.

Howdy! takes us to the South with oat-breaded chicken and grated cage-free eggs. It also has romaine, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, and red onions. Its sumptious Smoky Ranch dressing will make you want to go yee-haw!

How to order

You can order Daily Bowls via SaladStop!’s website and choose from their 3-day or 5-day plan. Check out their menu here, and you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Find SaladStop! locations here. Specialty Food Retailers, Inc. (SFRI) is the exclusive franchise holder of SaladStop! in the Philippines. SFRI is a member of SSI Group, Inc.

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