Here’s What Makes JINRO Soju The Go-To Spirit For Barkada Nights

JINRO Soju combines tradition and modernity in one signature green bottle

Some of the greatest barkada memories are born from tipsy nights. Stories are told, laughter is shared, and bonds are made even tighter with a bottle of spirit in hand. This fact cannot be truer, especially when there’s a rare opportunity to catch up with friends after a long while. 

Acknowledging that good times call for good liquor, JINRO Soju is all the more dedicated in bringing the finest flavors of the renowned Korean spirit—making it the best liquor option for barkada nights. 


During JINRO Soju’s Soju Night event on December 15, soju enthusiasts were treated to a night filled with stories, food, and of course soju! An abundant selection of flavors have rained, allowing guests to savor the prime taste of Korea’s favorite drink. 

By the end of the night, a comprehensive survey revealed that 96% of attendees have identified JINRO as their top choice for a soju brand. 

What makes JINRO Soju special? 

JINRO Soju’s “exceptional quality” bred out of the brand’s ambition to fuse tradition and modernity in one bottle. 


Originally from Korea, JINRO’s soju made its way into the global scene because of its commitment to bring unique flavors. Its cultural richness has then prompted it to become a global phenomenon. 

More so, JINRO captivates the hearts of many over its meticulous brewing process. From the selection of ingredients up to its distillation techniques, the brand ensures that only high quality spirit will reach the inside of its signature green bottles. 

UItimately, JINRO precedes the typical liquor; more than just a delicious drink to enjoy, it is also an experience one gets to feel. 

As the participants from the event put it, “There’s this unique quality to it, and I’m not surprised that many people here love JINRO Soju. It’s a taste that’s hard to forget and impossible not to crave. 

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