The Largest Peanut Butter Cups From Reese’s (So Far) Sell Out In Less Than Two Hours

All 3,000 pieces of the new Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie–a giant peanut butter cup weighing 3.4 pounds–sold out just one hour and fifty-seven minutes after they became available online. Each 9-inch cup, sold at $44.99, is said to have 48 servings with a total of 7,680 calories.

The Largest Peanut Butter Cups From Reese's (So Far) Sell Out In Less Than Two Hours
Photos: Instagram/reeses

The gigantic peanut butter cup pie was described in the Hershey’s online store as “a spin on a tried-and-true holiday treat that contains the only two ingredients a dessert really needs…chocolate and peanut butter. Oh, and did we mention that this peanut butter cup is the size of a real pie?”

Although this “Thanksgiving Pie” has no crust and is really just a blown-up Reese’s cup, this product is as big as an average pie, making it the largest peanut butter cup Reese’s has released so far.

“When you bring together friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner, no table spread is complete without dessert,” Bo Jones, Senior Associate Brand Manager at Reese’s, said. “At Reese’s, we wanted to create a dessert that everyone wants a piece of.”

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