FreebieMNL - This YouTuber Made Chicken Adobo Gyozas

This YouTuber Made Chicken Adobo Gyozas

YouTube chef Joshua Weissman thinks the Filipino Chicken Adobo is one of the best chicken recipes of all time, and we can’t disagree. It’s a classic dish that’s fairly easy to cook. So much so that every region in the Philippines has its twist. He wishes more people started making it themselves, and he’s teaching them how to do it properly.

This YouTuber Made Chicken Adobo Gyozas
Photo: YouTube/Joshua Weissman

Why Joshua Weissman Loves Adobo

Weissman prefaces the video saying, “I get really excited about adobo because I’m a big fan of it. It’s tender, it’s rich, it’s salty, it’s sweet, it’s acidic — it’s everything you want.” That’s a fact, and it’s even more delicious when eaten with a plate of rice. He also gets creative with the leftovers and fuses them with Japanese cuisine.

Easy Chicken Adobo

There were no shortcuts in the making of this chicken adobo; that’s a guarantee. In true Filipino fashion, Weissman doesn’t skimp on garlic and uses 20 cloves at the time. He even recommends using the Silver Swan brand of soy sauce to get it that familiar taste we’ve all come to love. After searing it, bringing it to a boil, and simmering it, you get tender chicken with a nice glaze.

Chicken Adobo Gyozas

The acid content in the recipe act as a preservative, prolonging the life of the adobo from two to three days. Assuming you have leftovers, Weissman suggests shredding the chicken and using it as a filling for potstickers or gyozas. It combines two different cultures harmoniously that you wouldn’t have thought would work. Top it with some chili oil and dip it in the leftover sauce, and you’re in for a savory treat.

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Photo: YouTube/Joshua Weissman

The chicken adobo has been featured internationally multiple times. Even Selena Gomez tried to cook some herself and it turned out great. Typically, though, leftovers are just reheated or turned into adobo flakes, so it’s refreshing to see the dish transform into something else.

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