Tim Hortons Collaborates With Nestle For Plant-Based Menu

Tim Hortons Collaborates With Nestle For Plant-Based Menu

It’s common knowledge that eating plant-based food options is good for your health. However, it can be challenging to get your hands on some in a meat-loving country like the Philippines. The good news is that more and more establishments are expanding their menus to offer plant-based food.

In fact, Tim Hortons has partnered with Nestle Philippines to join the plant-based movement. Now, Tim Hortons offers the newly-launched HARVEST GOURMET® plant-based products, with two delicious menu offerings: meat-free Classic Barbecue Sensational® Burger, and meat-free Grilled Quesadilla with Barbecue Sauce. In case you’re wondering, all 31 Tim Hortons Philippines stores have added these healthy dishes to their menus.

And guess what? You don’t even have to break the bank to afford these plant-based dishes! The meat-free Classic Barbecue Sensational Burger that contains HARVEST GOURMET® patty is priced reasonably at P230. Meanwhile, the Grilled Quesadilla with Barbecue Sauce with HARVEST GOURMET® Schnitzel pieces costs only P190. Not bad, right? 

As more Filipinos are consciously making more informed food choices based on health and environmental reasons, Tim Hortons and Nestle Philippines have made it easier for people to try the ‘Flexitarian’ way. As per Rickie Yap, Tim Hortons Philippines President and CEO, the company made this move as part of their commitment to serving high quality and great tasting food and beverages every day, while reducing our environmental footprint.

“These menus are about providing more choices to our guests, who are asking for a variety of options and more plant-based products. We are confident that our guests will love our plant-based menus,” Yap mused about the new menu.

Nestle Philipines foresees that the plant-based food movement is more than just a trend, but really a growing social movement for sustainability. “That’s why we are really calling the F&B industry to join us in this plant-based movement, and we are so proud to have Tim Hortons joining us in this call.  We believe the F&B community has a leading role to play in driving this change,” Alexander Ong Oh, Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Professional Philippines, shared. 

Aside from these delicious plant-based options, Tim Hortons Philippines has a lot of yummy food and drinks you should definitely try out. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or visit their website for more information. To know more about HARVEST GOURMET® products, you can check out the official Nestlé Professional Philippines Facebook page.

Art Daniella Sison


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