You’re a true foodie if you’ve tried all of these quarantine food trends

From foamy beverages to baking inventions, everyone’s gastronomical game definitely stepped up during the quarantine period. Take these cues from these delicious quarantine food trends!

1. Dalgona coffee

Before TikTok picked it up, the whipped coffee craze actually became big last January when Korean actor Jung Il-woo demonstrated the recipe during a TV taping at his home.

A local version of the velvety drink includes swapping instant coffee for other sweet treats like Milo.

2. Ube-cheese pandesal

In late 2019, when Kimmy Bakes Bakeshop from Silang, Cavite decided to mix two classic Pinoy staples — ube and cheese — to flavor the humble pandesal, it instantly became their best-selling item.

Today, almost every baker-slash-entrepreneur on Instagram sells them, to the pleasure of many pandesal lovers.

3. Even more bread-making

Ovens really went into overdrive during the lockdown as home bakers also tried their hand on making sourdough bread, banana bread, and flavored pandesal.

Even the classic chocolate chip cookie made a comeback, as proven by plenty of IG-based business baking by the batch.

4. Sushi bake

While the trendy dish’s roots can be traced back to Hawaiian influences, here in the Philippines, credit for the fanfare goes to a celebrity nail artist Mimi Qui Reyes, who’s been making the dish for a few years now.

Businesses picked up on the buzz, and now you can order your own tray of sushi bake in no time.

5. Classic pancit canton made classy

Only Filipinos can turn a timeless merienda to a dainty delicacy.

As proof, here’s how we’ve tried to give the pancit canton an international flair so far: pancit canton with Spanish sardines, kimchi pancit canton, pancit canton omurice, and even pancit canton-turned-jjapaguri, exactly how it’s done in the film, Parasite.

6. Soufflé pancakes

Made popular by dessert restaurants Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory and just before the quarantine period, soufflé pancakes steered towards social media and into everyone’s sweet tooth because of their easy recipes.

And we didn’t stop at soufflé pancakes. We were also introduced to pancake cereal, ube pancakes, and tiramisu pancakes, and we welcomed them all just the same.

7. Ready-to-cook frozen favorites

While this isn’t technically an original food trend, a lot of people still blushed when beloved fast food menu items were made available in ready-to-cook frozen packs.

In the not so recent past, these restaurants would never sell you the “raw ingredients.” Times have changed: McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, Jollibee’s Chickenjoy, Conti’s entrees, and even Potato Corner’s shoestring fries were all sold in DIY portions, so you can bet that a lot broke their diets for these.

Silly trend or not, true food lovers only have one request: keep them coming. Which one of these have you tried?


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