Hey, pawrents! You can get your fur babies checked up for free

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Taking care of a pet is pretty much like taking care of a child. You need to give them all that they need for them to grow healthy and happy. That’s why it’s a must for you to bring your pets to a veterinarian. While it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands, you will inevitably need expert advice to give your fur-babies the best care.

However, going to the vet can be challenging amid the ongoing pandemic. To add to the fact a visit to the vet can put a dent on your wallet, making regular appointments can be difficult given all the restrictions of the community quarantine implemented throughout the country. 

Recognizing that all fur-babies need a ‘lil boost in the health too, Royal Canin, the specialists for tailored nutrition for cats and dogs, is offering FREE checkups at over 100 partner veterinary clinics across the nation. 

Yes, you read that right. You can get your pet checked up for free. As part of its Bring My Pet To The Vet campaign, Royal Canin is giving away free consultations to the first 20,000 pets registered via the Royal Canin Club.

To secure a slot for your pet, simply download the Royal Canin Club app via App Store or Google Play, and complete your fur-baby’s profile. The complimentary voucher is valid for 30 days only, so you have to make sure you set an appointment within a month after you’ve completed the registration process. For more information about this free checkup and the brand itself, visit their website or follow them on Facebook

The ongoing pandemic can be challenging on anyone, and that includes your pets. That’s why you should take all the necessary steps to safeguard their health.


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