How to Break Away from Hustle Culture?

Remember when everyone was obsessed with hustle culture? Well, we’re actively breaking away from it now.

Hustle culture loved to glamorize working long hours and encouraged people to constantly busy themselves. As soon as you get up in the morning, you are expected to tick things off your to-do list and go straight into work mode. You essentially should have something scheduled for every waking hour or else you aren’t being productive enough.

That sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? It’s a vicious cycle that’s easy to get sucked into, and learning early on that this is unhealthy can save you from wearing yourself too thin. Here’s how to break away from hustle culture.

Define your goals

“Hustle culture is about being a human doing rather than a human being, which is dangerous in many ways,” said April Wilson, M.D. Ask yourself why you bought into hustle culture in the first place. Everyone wants to advance in their respective careers or reach their financial goals, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of their mental and physical health.

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Focus on quality over quantity

Would you rather do 10 mundane tasks or accomplish one significant thing that’s actually fulfilling? Busyness does not equate to productivity. Go about your day more intentionally and focus on the important matters. You probably don’t need to schedule a meeting every hour or check emails during your spare time. Exerting yourself at maximum capacity every day will likely lead to burnout.

Prioritize Rest

No, sleep is not just for the weak. In fact, you need to get enough rest to function properly. Working hard is not necessarily a bad thing, but you have got to prioritize rest, as well. If you want to avoid stress, don’t work more than 55 hours a week. Allow yourself to recharge without feeling guilty about taking a break.

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Buzzwords like hustler, grinder, or girl boss have a nice ring to it because it implicates that you’re independent and driven. But if it means overexerting yourself, maybe it’s time to consider unsubscribing from hustle culture.

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