Simple Words to Comfort Others Amid the Pandemic

Simple Words to Comfort Others Amid the Pandemic
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The ongoing pandemic can be tough on anyone. Some people may manage the ongoing crisis better than others, but it’s perfectly normal to feel stressed and helpless. As the number of cases continues to rise in the country, a lot of people tend to feel unmotivated and fatigued.

That’s why when you see your friend or colleague slipping, you should try to offer some words of comfort. Your words may not be able to solve all their problems, but it’ll give them some morale boost to get through the trials life throws at them. According to, here are helpful messages of encouragement you can share today:

  1. “Keep calm and carry on.” This phrase was coined by the British government to boost its citizens’ morale and mentally prepare its civilians during World War II. Decades later, the message remains relevant to anyone who’s going through tough times. 
  1. “Every little thing’s gonna be alright.” A sentence immortalized in the Bob Marley classic, this line is a call to enjoy the little things in life and reminds you that everything will work out eventually. It’s also a reminder that worrying won’t help solve a problem. 
  1. “Dance in the rain.” The ongoing crisis is challenging on many different levels. However, just because things may be bad right now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to enjoy everything you do have. You should try to make the best out of a difficult situation by finding the humor in things. It’s basically finding the silver lining amid the storm. 
  1. “This too shall pass.” This old Persian saying was one of Abraham Lincoln’s favorites, as it is “true and appropriate in all times and situations.” It’s a line that conveys the message that every storm will pass eventually.

These simple words of encouragement may not magically make others feel better, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Even the strongest people need a little help sometimes, so offer a little moral support to others today.

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