Turn your room into a mini movie theater with this

(Source: Shopee.ph)

We all miss a lot of pre-pandemic activities, including attending concerts, traveling and of course, watching movies in the cinema. After all, it’s been over a year since Pinoys got to enjoy movies in the cinemas, and by the look of things, it might still take a while before we get to watch the latest films in the movie theaters. 

However, you can take the cinematic experience to your very own home. By this, we don’t mean buying a ridiculously expensive home entertainment system. You can pretend like you’re at the cinemas at a fraction of the price! 

Yes, there’s this cute and handy projector you can use to watch your favorite flicks ala the cinemas. The ODSCN YG-300 600 Lumens Mini Portable Projector is compatible with all kinds of gadgets, including your mobile phone (you just have to download via App Store or Google Play), laptop, desktop, and more! 

This nifty device has an LED life time of over 30,000 hours and has a projection distance of 0.8 to two meters. Its native resolution is 320 x 240 pixels, while its supported resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. When it comes to brightness level, it has an output of 600 lumens. Plus, it comes in three super cute color options: yellow, black, and blue. 

If you think the price is too good to be true, just check out the comments section in its Shopee page. A lot of users recommend using this gadget alongside a spare speaker. You should make sure the room you’re in is super dark as well. This is so you can really soak in the cinematic vibe. All you need is some popcorn and drinks, and you’re good to go! The ODSCN YG-300 600 Lumens Mini Portable Projector costs only P1,399 via Shopee.


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