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Ways to get rid of unnecessary meetings

Nobody likes being stuck in a meeting that could’ve been an e-mail, right? While they’re essential to reach agreements between different parts of an organization, meetings could also lead to a great loss of precious time. 

There are times when meetings tend to be confusing. Sometimes, there’s no clear agenda and some people don’t even know why they’re part of that particular meeting. Well, according to, there are ways to keep meetings short and super productive. You can try these tips to maximize your meetings today:

  1. Think about it before you invite people. Before organizing a meeting, you need to ask yourself: is it essential to hold a meeting, to begin with? You should also think about whose presence should be required in the meeting. 
  1. Establish a reason for the gathering. It is equally important to establish the reason why people need to gather for the meeting. They need to understand the value of their participation. You should also offer people the option of not attending if you think their presence wouldn’t contribute to the meeting in a meaningful way.
  1. Be thorough with all the details. You need to iron out all details by remembering the following:
    1. The agenda of the meeting should be clear.
    2. Send reading materials in advance if necessary.
    3. Establish a start time, and set a maximum end time.
    4. Try to avoid following into points not established in the agreed agenda.
    5. Recap the meeting with all the agreed points.   

It may be impossible to get rid of meetings completely, but you can try these tips in order to keep them hardworking. You can also save people a lot of time to focus on more important things. At the end of the day, time is the most valuable currency of all, right? 

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