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Why You Should Rethink Getting a New Puppy

Puppies have been a tried and proven amazingly cute gift for your kids or significant other.  They’re small, they’re adorable, and they give the best kisses. Plus, who could say no to that face?

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But sometimes, you should stop yourself from getting lost in those puppy dog eyes and have a good think. Here are a couple questions you should ask yourself before you get that puppy.

Are you ready to have your shoes, cables, bags, everything, chewed up?

Puppies do not care about your new Nikes or your favorite LV bag. Whatever it is, it looks chewy to them.

Because puppies are young, they’re essentially still growing in their teeth, which leads to intense teething. They will also engage in “play biting” your hands or feet.

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To avoid this, you’ve got to puppy proof your house and put anything of value on high surfaces, or they will get chewed up.

Are you ready to spend an hour or two every day for training?

The worst thing you can do with a puppy is not train it. Without training, you will be setting up the puppy for failure in its adult years as you will see the dog become unruly, stubborn, and unheeding of rules.

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While you can hire a personal trainer or enroll your dog in a basic manners class, the best training comes from you. You must establish yourself as the alpha of the pack and the leader of the household by taking the time to teach your new puppy your house rules.

Dedicating an hour a day will help stimulate your puppy’s mind and keep it sharp.

Are you prepared to stay in and quit your jetsetter life?

When you have a puppy, you’ll find that most of your time will be spent caring for it on the weekdays, the weekends, morning and night. You won’t be able to travel as freely because your puppy needs proper attention.

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If you travel often, you will be depriving your new dog of a regular routine and will likely come home to ripped beds and slippers caused by frustration, boredom, and separation anxiety. While a weekend or two away is okay, too much time on the road could seriously affect your relationship with your puppy.

Can you handle waking up in the morning to clean puppy messes?

Sooner than later, you’re going to wake up to poop, pee, vomit, and all other kinds of bodily fluids on the floor. And you’re going to have to clean it up.

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As long as your puppy is not potty-trained and still in its younger years, these kinds of accidents will happen and you’ll soon find that the longer you leave it out, the more mess it brings. Be prepared with a bucket and a mop for those early mornings ahead.

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People often forget that puppies are just as big a responsibility as having a baby. They won’t come trained or knowledgeable of your house rules, and they most importantly, don’t know who you are.

Raising a puppy takes more than time and money — it takes genuine dedication, love, and care. The dog will eventually grow to love you and assimilate itself into your family, but it will take a whole lot of effort for it to get to that point!

close up photo of bulldog
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So think twice before you get yourself, your kids, or lover, a puppy. If you can’t see yourself taking care of this dog for the next 12-15 years, it’s best to just wait for the next Lazada and Shopee sale.



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