Design Ideas for Unused space Under the stairs

Are you building a new home or doing renovations? Maybe you have extra space under the stairs that you want to maximize. Don’t waste precious real estate and find inspiration with these design ideas. From small offices to indoor gardens, you’re bound to be inspired by these.

Small Office

If you don’t have a spare bedroom you can convert into an office, use the space under the stairs instead. All you need to create a compact station is a desk and an ergonomic chair. Add a lamp, stationery, and your laptop and you’re ready to work from home.

Reading Nook

A mini-library under the stairs with comfortable seating could be perfect for bookworms. Install shelves and display all your favorite novels and make it feel cozy. Imagine a nook where you can tuck away and get lost in a fictional world.

Kitchen Pantry

Build a staircase pantry to store your extra stocks of canned goods and snacks. You could also put away your fancy dinnerware and cutlery in here. Install floating shelves, bring in a rolling cart, and label your clear jars and containers to keep things organized.

annie spratt nLHnx2 sK4 unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Wet Bar

Forget about going out for drinks when you have a wet bar at home. Some things you might want to include in this space are a mini-fridge, a display rack for your alcohol collection, a few glasses, and maybe some bar stools.

Coffee Corner

If you have a love for coffee, then a corner dedicated to your craft would be appropriate. Line up your different types of coffee makers, along with your beans, capsules, and syrups on the counter. It’s the perfect space to show off your ever-growing mug collection.

luke porter aQIFoEMVJi4 unsplash
Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

Indoor Garden

Bring the outdoors indoor with a mini garden under the stairs. Not only can they improve the air quality at home, but it also makes for great décor. If you have a minimalist home, the greenery is a nice contrast to the neutral colors.

Shoving a bedroom under the stairs Harry Potter style isn’t ideal because it will be crammed and could trigger claustrophobia. Instead, be inspired by these design ideas and create the space according to you and your family’s needs.

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