German animal shelter puts up lonely pets on Tinder to find their ‘purrfect’ match

No red flags here, just a potential paw-rtner for life!

To help their furry abandoned tenants find a forever home, a German animal shelter is trying a new approach: posting profiles of their lonely pets on the dating app, Tinder. Per Reuters, this is to hopefully match them with an equally lonely human who would be willing to take them in

To make their animals dating app-ready, the Munich Animal Welfare Association hired an advertising agency to shoot professional photos of 15 pets from the shelter, which they then include along with a name and a bio to each of their dating profile. They even made one for a tuxedo cat named “Captain Kirk”!

They also weren’t keen on featuring the cute kittens or pups, but rather the aged cats and dogs who already have some history behind them. This is because people tend to take home the adorable ones from the shelter without realizing that some other animals need a new home more.

The animal shelter later shared the success of their pets’ dating exploits. “The response is insane, it’s exploding everywhere,” Jillian Moss from the animal shelter said according to Reuters. Following these successful links, the next step would be for the shelter to conduct preliminary interviews before they invite people over to have a date with their potential pets. 

Explaining their decision to turn to Tinder, the shelter says that although adoption has risen throughout the pandemic, animal welfare experts have warned that the rate might drop as restrictions start to ease. 

German animal shelter puts up lonely pets on Tinder to find their ‘purrfect’ match
(Image: Luemeula Fernandes)

Now that the shelter’s experimental dating exploits have shown fruitful results, the challenge now would be to ensure that their human matches won’t “ghost” them once the honeymoon stage wanes, i.e. they won’t abandon them and actually keep them as pets for the rest of their lives.


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