Tinder Launches Gen Z Dating Dictionary For Older Singles

Tinder’s dating dictionary includes buzzwords in the dating world today

Tinder is pushing inclusivity to the next level for older singles with its newest guide–a dating dictionary. The newest dating dictionary, which contains terms used by Gen Z singles, has been created in response to widespread confusion from older generations.

The popular online dating app has released the handy guide after research showed 62 percent of 18 to 25-year-olds feel they speak a very different language than older singles when it comes to dating.

The main goal of the “dating dictionary” is to even out the playing field and to help everyone – even those who aren’t dating and are in a relationship.

“Although the basics of dating haven’t really changed, the majority of Gen Z’s feel that they speak a very different language than their parents and grandparents when it comes to dating,” says Sydney-based sex and relationships expert Georgia Grace in an interview with

Georgia also underscored that the dictionary’s primary goal, which is to make dating conversations easier across different generations.

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New additions to the dating dictionary

Many of the terms included were identified in the Tinder Year In Swipe 2022 report published in December.

According to her, the coining of these new terms and phrases often come from young singles who use them to loosely define their relationship status. Next thing they know, the terms are already viral on social media and are already being shared to their friend groups.

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A phrase highlighted by Tinder as something those over the age of 25 may never have heard before includes “cushioning,” which refers to keeping several backup relationships to soften the blow if your main one doesn’t last.

“Situationship” is another addition to modern vocabulary which describes the sticky in-between status when someone is more than a hook-up, but not quite a couple.

Another relatively unknown term to be featured is “dateview,” coined to describe when a date feels more like an interview.

The dictionary likewise includes 2023 terms such as “kitten fishing” and “rizz.”

“[Kitten fishing] refers to tweaking or embellishing certain aspects of your life, appearance etc to make yourself more appealing on dating apps – different to catfishing which is pretending to be someone else entirely,” Georgia explained.

“Rizz is shorthand for Charisma – you have an allure, you’re engaging, you’re basically irresistible,” she ended.

Have you encountered a word that must be included on the dictionary?

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