A solo developer from Bulacan creates a programming app in Android

Now anyone can learn to code whenever and wherever they want.

A solo developer from Bulacan creates a programming app in Android
(Image: SCode Studio)

As tech industries continue to grow globally, so does the demand for people who are skilled in programming. Those who want to learn the ropes but don’t have the high-end laptops and computers can finally achieve their dreams, thanks to one developer’s passion project.

John Dave Natividad, a solo developer from Bulacan who goes by Jaseunda online, has created SCode Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) that can run on mobile devices. Aspiring programmers can use the app to write, run, and compile codes including C, C++C#HTMLJavaKoltinPythonRuby, and Swift, just to name a few, and turn them into Android applications, websites, scripts, and more.

In a post by Natividad in a group for programmers, he shared that he created SCode Studio to assist students who do not have access to computers with high-end specifications to run code compilers and launch large programming projects. 

Natividad also said the same to Inquirer: “I’m working on this project because I see students who can’t afford a high-end computer for Android Studio and other programming activities that require Visual Studio, which is so large that it takes up 20GB of space.”

“My long-term goal for this project is to create a community where volunteers may educate kids and children who want to learn about programming,” Natividad added.

Deprived of access to technological facilities such as computer laboratories amidst remote learning, students continue to struggle in complying with requirements that necessitate minimum technical specifications to be completed. With SCode Studio, students not only have a more cost-effective solution but a more flexible one too, since they can now code on the go.

SCode Studio is totally free and is available to be downloaded through this link.

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