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These Are Signs it’s Time to Quit Your Job

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The ongoing pandemic has been challenging for everyone, and while vaccines are slowly being rolled out, it is still uncertain as to when the pandemic will officially end. In fact, according to a psychiatrist at Makati Medical Center, uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic and the extended quarantine have amplified negative emotions, which when piled up on top of one’s day-to-day work stress and pressure can potentially make a person less productive, unmotivated, and burned out.

But when is it time for you to throw in the towel, and venture on to the next chapter of your professional life? Are you just having a bad day at work? To help put things into perspective for you, here are some undeniable signs it’s time to quit your job:

You’re unhappy most of every day while at work

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Whether you’re working from home or reporting to the office, a good sign that you need some change in your work life is when the majority of the time, you feel unhappy, mistreated, or depressed. According to Forbes Magazine, you shouldn’t be in denial about your feelings. You should remember that you don’t have to be miserable or lose your sense of self in order to be gainfully employed.

Your work environment is extremely toxic

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Your job doesn’t revolve solely on your tasks or work functions on a daily basis. It also involves working with other people. If you harbor strong negative feelings towards your boss and colleagues (and vice versa), the environment might not be healthy for you and your mental health.

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There is no more room for growth

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If you feel like your job is too boring and routinary, and that you have no more room to improve as a professional, it’s time for you to elevate yourself in a different environment in order to progress your career. If you feel like you’re made for more exciting things, don’t deny yourself amazing opportunities. 

You are grossly under-compensated

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With the rising costs of everyday expenses, one really has to take a step back and analyze streams of income. Is your full-time job overworking and underpaying you? Are you doing too much for so little? Managing one’s budget is challenging, yes, but you need to assess if all your time and effort are worth the amount you’re being paid.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to one question: are you still willing to put up with everything at work? Only you can assess if the time, effort, and stress are worth it. No matter how long or short you’ve been at your current employer, it’s not too late to start afresh, and maybe even follow your passion. After all, life is too short to be anything but happy. 


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